Introduction to Predictive Analytics on SAP HANA

by Lambertus Oosthuizen

This entry to intermediate-level SAP HANA Predictive Analytics course will help you master many important techniques to start creating sophisticated, predictive analytics applications that utilize the power of SAP HANA and Business Intelligence. Learn more about HANA Predictive Library basics including exponential smoothing. Walk step by step through the process of creating the required HANA objects including tables, views, and predictive analytics SQL scripts. Compare the raw PAL SQL code with the HANA Analytical Processes available in SAP. Walk thorugh a detailed case study of HR analytics that covers data preparation and decision trees.

• 10 lectures with 1.5 hours of instruction
• Fundamentals of the Predictive Analytics Library
• HANA Tables, Views, and PAL SQL procedures
• Integrating Predictive Analytics into SAP BW and SAP Lumira

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