Practical Guide to SAP GTS Part 2: Preference and Customs Management

von Kevin Riddell, Rajen Iyer

299 Seiten, 1. Auflage, ISBN: 9783960125327

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) helps companies maximize supply chain performance and reduces the overall cost and risk of global trade by ensuring regulatory compliance, accelerating trade activity, and enabling trade compliance automation. The Practical Guide to SAP GTS Part II dives into customs management and preference processing. Explore how to leverage self-filing, using a broker model, and adopting a free trade agreement to improve ROI. The book is current to version 10.1 and explores version 11.0 and its new features including Fiori apps and UX.

- Best practices for leveraging SAP GTS for trade compliance
- Fundamentals of preference implementation and system set up
- How self-filing, broker models and free trade agreements can improve ROI
- Review of Version 11.0 with screenshots


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