First Steps in SAP Predictive Analytics

von Anurag Barua

177 Seiten, 1. Auflage, ISBN: 9783960128465

Curious about how to leverage SAP Predictive Analytics (SAP PA) to effectively mine data and unearth trends, patterns, and relationships? In this book written for users and analysts, readers will explore the foundations of SAP Predictive Analytics.

Review the architectural underpinnings and technical components that make up SAP PA. Explore how SAP PA works with SAP HANA. Walk through the installation steps and learn the differences between the desktop and enterprise versions. Explore SAP PA modules and components, including the predictive analytical library (PAL), the application function library (AFL), and the SAP HANA automated predictive library (APL). Leverage the data manager and learn how to create an event log aggregation. Get tips for performing text analysis and take an in depth look at automated analytics, including Expert Analytics. Dive into a sales and pipeline forecasting example using specific SAP PA functions and algorithms.

By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, this book explores:
- SAP PA architecture and technical components
- How SAP PA works with SAP HANA
- Core SAP PA modules and components
- Detailed sales/pipeline forecasting example


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