Practical Guide to SAP GTS: SPL Audit Trail Reporting

by Kevin Riddell

Sanctioned Party List screening, or SPL, is the most used functionality of SAP Global Trade Services (GTS). A powerful and flexible tool, GTS can also seem confusing to new users, especially the audit trail reports that are generated. The reports offer some of GTS greatest SPL benefits, and it is in the interests of every user to understand them fully. This series of videos will walk through the process, and explain what the results mean. You will also see suggested layouts, practical suggestions, and various compliance tips. These videos will help you get maximum value out of your SAP GTS investment.

- Introduction
- Why SPL Screen?
- System Integration to GTS and Blocked Partners List
- Blocked Document Lists
- Audit Trail Reporting Overview
- Audit Trail Reporting for BP: Menu and Layout
- Audit Trail Reporting for BP: Results
- Exporting to Excel / Audit Trail Documents: Menu
- Audit Trail for Documents: Layout
- Audit Trail for External Addresses

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