SAP ABAP List Viewer (ALV) - A Practical Guide for ABAP Developers

von Kathi Kones

272 Seiten, 1. Auflage, ISBN: 9783960128120

This book is geared towards ABAP developers and offers detailed information on how to use SAP List Viewer (ALV) to display business data with an interface that lets users rearrange, sort, total, and download data. Obtain comprehensive information on how to write a basic ALV program. Walk through a detailed training scenario and get tips on how to adapt the scenario for your company. Readers will master two ALV types: control framework and function modules. Identify when to use object-oriented techniques and when it may make more sense to quickly adjust existing ALV programs. By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, the author brings ABAP developers up to speed on SAP ALV.

- Learn how to write a basic SAP ALV program
- Walk through the object-oriented control framework and function modules
- Get tips on adding sorting and grouping features
- Dive into how to add editable fields, events, and layout variants


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